# Thumb 1 Thumb 2 Form Number Division Title Where Used EKU LKU Notes Revision Actions
1 None Letter Bill accompanied despatch of mail 1855 DLS On the back of the Ed Payne collection page that I just showed, there is glued in place a Silverton, Oregon Territory post office slip from Feb. 15 1857, signed by the postmaster. image and details RGR 12/11/2019 from Ed Payne collection via David Snow po... more
image and details RGR 12/11/2019 from Ed Payne collection via David Snow posted on Farjolia board
2 None Unpaid Letters Bill accompany dispatch of unpaid letters December 22, 1865
3 None Account Current filed quarterly by Postmaster; replaced by Form 1545 in Presidential Offices and Form 1558 in Fourth Class offices 1809 DLS 1875 DLS New forms introduced 3rd Quarter 1887 - see letter to Postmasters, FRM-226
4 None Account of Mails Sent from the Post Office daily record of destinations and numbers of letters 1856 MML 1863 DLS
5 1 3rd Asst. PMG Instructions that contractor named will collect receipts at the end of each quarter sent to Postmaster 1856 DLS 1857 DLS
6 1 Money Order Application for Money Order local post office 1870 DLS circa 1880 replaced by Form No. 6001
7 2 Inspection Office No Register of Arrivals and Departures of the Mail has been received from your office for route No. Reminding postmaster of his duty with respect to the mail contractors 1859 DLS
8 3 From 3rd Asst. PMG to postmaster Postage Stamps shipped for which a receipt has not been returned to POD 185_ USPS
9 3a Pay Division from Auditor notice to postmaster that no receipt has been received for payments to mail contractor 1874 DLS
10 5 From 3rd Asst. PMG to postmaster with receipt to detached and returned to the POD Packing slip and receipt to accompany shipment of stamps 185_ USPS