# Plate Position Comments Image2 Image4 Actions
1 1 1 3 position dots at left (top, middle and bottom of vert frameline). Also note small diag. lines at top of vert. frameline. THis stamp also shows splas marks  around C of Canada
2 1 2 Top margin dot, upper left, and position dot in left oval at 2 o'clock
3 1 3
4 1 4
5 1 5

Shows the doubling in bottom letters GE of postage as well as line in oval above AGE

6 1 6 Position dot in top left margin, dot on nose
7 1 7

Burr over shoulder

2nd copy from early stage does not show burr

8 1 8 Short transfer LL below 17  
9 1 9 Top position dot in upper margin, dot location in left oval, very thick  inner frameline at UR
10 1 10 position dot on middle left and right frames, vertical guideline on right along inner frame. weak transfer Upper right corner and lower right of 7. 
11 1 11 Position dots on left (central and top of frameline), weak transfer below top frameline, and small dot in 1 of left 17
12 1 12 Pair 11 and 12 - special mark at right frame, abobe right 8
13 1 13 Pos dot left of Cartier's head, marks on UL frameline, 
14 1 14 Pos. dot in ear, brohen frameline left, weak transfers top background
15 1 15 Position dot on left oval, travelling dot on cheek and short transfer on top right
16 1 16 Pos dot in lft oval, near shot transfer and dot on nose
17 1 17 Pos dot right of nose, weak transfer lower left frame, dash upper left frame line left of 8
18 1 18 Weak vertical outerframe above center left, dot outside left oval and weak transfet below left 17
19 1 19
20 1 20 Right vertical guideline just outside dark lettered Oval, guide dot inside left oval, large guide dot at center left, outside frame
21 1 21 Center and bottom dots on left margin, mark in 1 of left 17 numeral, and hatch lines extensions at LL corner
22 1 22
23 1 23 Pos. dot left of ear, faint frameline lower right, guide dot in left oval at 3 o'clock 
24 1 24 Dot in ear, short transfer top and weak frameline center left
25 1 25 Left oval dot and position dot on cheek
26 1 26 Dot on nose, weak transfer top right, and left oval dot just outside white border of oval
27 1 27 Pos dot right of face, weak transfer top right, diag mark in upper left frame beside 8, and dot in bottom frame below 3rd E of seventEen
28 1 28 Pos dots in both left and right ovals and short transfer upper right 
29 1 29 Diagonal line running from top center of Oval through nose and N of cents, large dot in right margin indication of column 9
30 1 30

Vert. guideline at right just inside frameline, large guide dot at left, guide dot inside left oval. Small diagonal line from N of Canada extending through white area. 

31 1 31
32 1 32 Letf oval dot at 3 o'clock and unique oblique mark above right 8. There is also a distinct mark in the inner white frame oval just above the 3rd E of SEVENTEEN
33 1 33

Position dot left of ear, dot just outside of small left oval and weak background area  just inside main background at center left 

34 1 34

Pos. dot in ear, dot in small left oval at 3 o'clock, slightly to the right

2nd copy has 2 horizontal lines left of LL 17, in margin

35 1 35 Pos. dot on cheek, weak frameline at left, weak transfer at top right background
36 1 36 Pos. dot on nose, guide dot on left oval  a 3 o'clock covering white area. Note pair position also showing pos. 37
37 1 37 Pos. dot right of face, left oval dot slightly below guideline (4 o'clock), weak frame lines at left middle and bottom, weak transfer top left background
38 1 38 Short transfer in upper right sprandle, and most distinctive mark is tool mark in top frame above stg.
39 1 39 Pos dot in left oval (3 o'clock) and 2 parallel lines just right of N of Canada, in the narrow white oval
40 1 40 Vertical guideline at right, inside frameline, toughing the top of G in top stg, large guide dot al left, weak transfer at upper right background
41 1 41 guide dot at left of frame, small break in frameline lower right, small dot in white oval just above 1st A of Canada
42 1 42 Pos. dot in left oval, line in left 7 of 17, weak transfer in  upper right background and around upper left stg, 
43 1 43 Pos dot left of head, guide dot and partial horizontal line in left oval. Weak transfer Upper Right backgroumd
44 1 44 This one shows 44, 54 and 55 in block of 3
45 1 45 Pos dot on cheek, broken frameline at left, just above oval (left of C of Canada. Also included for comparison is a block of 4 from proof sheet
46 1 46 see bottom left pair of block of 6 showing position 46-47 as they appear on cover of BNAPS 2013 Kershaw plating book on the 17 c Cartier
47 1 47 Pos dot right of nose, diagonal line left of 1st A of Canada, weak transfer at upper right
48 1 48
49 1 49 Short transfer UR and LR
50 1 50