# Perfin Image Cover Number of Holes Missing Pins City Company Total Count Comments Actions
1 9 NONE NY Reviw Of Reviews, Spencer Trask & Co. 98 There was some 1909 usage by Review Of Review on this pattern. Most likely a deomonstration machine. Eventually sold to Spencer Trask & Co., an investment banking company. Best known for financing Edison's electric light bulb.
2 9 1-7 Unknown 1 Sold in a Perfins Club auction 3/1978.
3 9 1-9 DET Detroit & Cleveland Steam Navigation Co. 55 The Detroit & Cleveland Steam Navigation Co. a fleet of passenger ships that sailed the Great Lakes. This control pattern is known on cover until 10/9/1911. This company's covers from 1912 on have control pattern 149. Control pin 4 must have broke sometime in between.
4 9 2-5 NY David Williams Co.and related publications 49 The David Williams Company was a publishing company. Magazines included The Metal Worker and Iron Age.
5 9 2-8 DET Tax Payers League, Taxpayers Protective League 88 The Tax Payers League was a political group organized to campaign against prohibition. Prohibition was supported by the WCTU, Churches and most business owners. . Michigan was an early battleground state, the first to of approve prohibition. Most postcards with this control pattern are found with political cartoons rallying against higher taxes. This pattern was recently found on Scott #314 on a postcard.. A used single of the #314 was recently discovered with the same control pattern
6 9 3-6 DET C. A. Strelinger Co. 104 C.A. Strelinger Co. was a supplier of hardware and tools.
7 9 3-7 CHI Babson Brothers and affiliated vendors 123 Babson Brothers were a mail order company supplying the Midwest. This control pattern is also found on many products that they sold. Burlington Watch, Edison Phonograph, Allen Vacuum Cleaner, Anglo American Insurance and The Insurance & Fidelity Co. Counting the several broken pin varieties known, they are most likely responsible for the most known Schermacks with control perforations reported.
8 9 4-5 NY Hammacher Schlemmer Co. 132 Hammacher Schlemmer Co. was a hardware supply company. Still in operation today.
9 9 4-6 Unknown 2
10 9 4-7 CHI Ohio Electric Co. 86 Though known as Ohio Electric, control perfins are only known from their Chicago office. The company was involved in public utilities, primarily interurban commuter trains. Very scarce on cover.