# Image2 City State Subject Description Year Color Notes Actions
101 Buffalo NY Events Involute flag publicizing the Pan American Exposition, from a registered cover 1901 black full date unreadable; I have a scan of the cover with dated reg'y marking
102 USS Leary (DD-158) Military Life preserver, Navy Day; [ship] 1939 blue green
103 USS Maryland (BB-46) Military Chains and stars; the battleship was present at the Pearl Harbor attack where she sustained light damage 1937 black
104 USS Fairfax (DD-93) Military Navy Day 1936 violet
105 USS Cassin (DD-372) Military Gear, Navy Day 1936 black
106 USS Dayton (CL-105) Military Outline of the light cruiser; no date except the legend 'Navy Day'; [ship] 1946 black
107 USS Eagle (PE-19) Military

Flag or pennant; USS Eagle was a patrol craft; [Navy, ship]

1935 green
108 USS Broome (DD-210) Events

Clemson-class destroyer

1934 blue green
109 USS Broome (DD-210) Military

After recommissioning, USS Broome served in the Pacific in the 1930s; [Navy, ship]

1934 black
110 USS Brooks (DD-232) Transport Ship's wheel 1934 blue green