• Explore the World Through Stamp Collecting

    Stamp collecting is a captivating hobby which offers a gateway to art, history, and comradery. More than simply an indication that the postage rate has been paid, stamps often reflect our diverse culture, values, and traditions.

  • Philately Linking Wisdom Through The Ages

    Knowledge of the past and understanding what has happened in the past is crucial to the wellbeing of us all, our communities, and our future. Stamps, by providing a link between past and present, allow us a better understanding of being human.

  • Discover The Joy Of Stamps

    Stamp collecting satisfies our emotional, aesthetic and intellectual needs. Whether it is an occasional pastime or an consuming passion, stamp collecting is a hobby that opens doors to new worlds.

This site is dedicated to helping hobbyists acquire knowledge free of cost. We feel that one of the greatest attributes of philately is the thrill of identifying your stamps and the learning opportunities uncovered along the way.

We believe that the marriage of technology and philately is a blessing and is helping philately move forward into the future. In many ways the internet is actually the 'next generation' postal system; representing the next step in the evolution of the ways humans communicate with each other.

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Excellent resource for identifying and learning US stamps. Has many tools for finding and distinguish varieties.

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