Edward Bryan
Sioux Indian Series Cachets

Exhibit by Rick Turnage

Edward E. Bryan (1885-1972) was an Oregon cachet maker known for his Sioux Indian series, his extensive series of Texas Centennial cachets, and numerous naval cachets highlighting ships in the fleet. Bryan produced many covers honoring people, places, and events. All have rubber-stamped cachets usually with a few lines of rubber-stamped text below the vignette. Most are addressed to people in northwestern Oregon, but some eastern collectors took advantage of his service. He offered to service covers at various events, etc. for a few cents each in announcements, mostly in WESTERN STAMP COLLECTOR. He called his cachet business "Sponsor Western Cachets." He also authored many articles, mainly in STAMPS magazine.

In 1916, he founded what is now the Oregon Stamp Society in Portland and was a longtime member of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society.