This data base began as a an Excel spread sheet created by Anthony S. (Tony) Wawrukiewicz just after the turn of this century. We are now able to present it in database format. The late David Straight was working on collecting forms to provide images to go with the descriptive information presented.
The original Wawrukiewicz and Straight effort has now evolved into this community project. It has been converted into a SQL database which is perfectly suited as a long term knowledgebase for future generations of philatelists. If you have an interest in this fascinating part of postal history, please consider joining our project team.

Postal forms offer a tremendous opportunity for a better insight into how the postal system operated. It should be noted that the Post Office had a single purpose for issuing forms, to facilitate the communication of certain information. They were not particularly concerned about how form numbering might evolve over time and sometimes did not even assign a form number. As such, trying to use only a form number may result in overlooking some applicable forms you are searching on. So when searching the database please also consider using the ‘Search By Name’ feature to find forms by key words.
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