Card Proofs of the
19th Century

By Greg Waldecker

Presented to the Tidewater Virginia Stamp Club
February 10, 2015

Newspaper – Reprints

The following information is provided for this issue:

Of interest is that there is no nine cent denomination, even though this denomination was included in the earlier set of stamps

Scott Number Denomination Color
PR57P4 Two cent Deep Black
PR58P4 Three cents Deep Black
PR59P4 Four cents Deep Black
PR60P4 Six cents Deep Black
PR61P4 Eight cents Deep Black
PR62P4 Ten cents Deep Black
PR63P4 Twelve cents Red
PR64P4 Twenty Four cents Red
PR65P4 Thirty-Six cents Red
PR66P4 Forty-Eight cents Red
PR67P4 Sixty cents Red
PR68P4 Seventy-two cents Red
PR69P4 Eighty-Four cents Red
PR70P4 Ninety-Six cents Red
PR71P4 One dollar ninety-two cents Pale Brown
PR72P4 Three dollars Red Vermillion
PR73P4 Six dollars Blue
PR74P4 Nine dollars Orange
PR75P4 Twelve dollars Yellow Green
PR76P4 Twenty-Four dollars Dark Violet
PR77P4 Thirty-Six dollars Indian Red
PR78P4 Forty-Eight dollars Yellow Brown
PR79P4 Sixty dollars Purple
Scott PR57P4 
Deep Black
Scott PR58P4 
Deep Black
Scott PR59P4 
Deep Black
Scott PR60P4 
Deep Black
Scott PR61P4 
Deep Black
Scott PR62P4 
Deep Black
Scott PR63P4 
Scott PR64P4 
Scott PR65P4 
Scott PR66P4 
Scott PR67P4 
Scott PR68P4 
Scott PR69P4 
Scott PR70P4 
Scott PR71P4 
Pale Brown
Scott PR72P4 
Red Vermillion
Scott PR73P4 
Scott PR74P4 
Scott PR75P4 
Yellow Green
Scott PR76P4 
Dark Violet
Scott PR77P4 
Indian Red
Scott PR78P4 
Yellow Brown
Scott PR79P4 

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