A Stamp For Every Country

by John C. Knudsen

Free downloads of printable "A Stamp For Every Country" album pages in PDF file format.

A Stamp For Every Country (ASFEC) is an attempt to design a comprehensive stamp album with a "Steiner-clone" border designed using AlbumEasy. It is intended for personal use only, any commercial use must be approved in advance.

An ASFEC stamp album, by its very nature, is subjective. This album was based upon the information culled from various sources. Since this file contains the AlbumEasy source file, it is a trivial matter to modify it to suit your taste.

Country Flags
Country Maps
Country Statistics
Place for an example stamp for each country/entity

There are 3 Sections to this album:
 1. Officially Recognized Countries A-Z 
 2. Territories, Possessions & Similar A-Z
 3. Other Stamp Issuing Entities

 Unzip to any folder on your computer. Edit or execute the asfec.txt file in AlbumEasy Note: The images must be in the same directory as the AlbumEasy source file.
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A Stamp For Every Country PDF Pages
268 pages, 8 1/2 x11, Steiner Clone
18MB PDF file

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A Stamp For Every Country Source Files
AlbumEasy source file and images
20MB Zip file