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United States Registered Mail provides the most secure way of sending money and other valuables through the mails. Letters containing valuable enclosures have been mailed since the beginning of the postal service. Forerunners before the establishment of the registered mail system by the U.S.P.O. July 1, are 1855 included in this survey.

Security is provided for registered mail through the maintenance of a documented "chain of custody" for each item as it passes through the postal service. This process has evolved over the years as the technology used in postal handling changed. There are key basic elements that remain the same.
      * A return receipt documents the safe arrival of a registered item at its destination.
      * Postmarks and paperwork document the travels of an item through the postal system.
      * Some level of indemnity against pilfering or loss is provided by the postal service.
This makes for a rich archive of markings and notations on registered items.

The basic data items entered in this survey covers the beginning and end points of a registered item on its journey. Other markings and events noted on an item should be noted in the “comments” field. Please use the most common nomenclature possible to describe significant events noted on an item so similar items can be located via a key word sort.

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Registered U.S.A. eBook

The Registered U.S.A. free eBook traces changes in registered mail rates, markings, delivery requirements and processing procedures. Registered U.S.A. is the result of an ongoing special study begun in 2001 when the author could not locate any previously written work summarizing the registered mail service over its 126 years of operation by the U.S.P.O. Previous articles and books had covered individual topics or specific time segments of the registry story. Those writings failed to give the reasons behind key changes observed over time in markings found on registered first-class mail. Our quest began in an attempt to answer these questions. Many are answered in Registered U.S.A A few still remain to be resolved.