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Details Stamp Collecting Blog (SCB)SCB website provides hundreds of articles, thousands of images, and even greater number of user contributions. Stamp Collecting Blog (aka SCB) was launched on cold winter night in late January 2009. At the time I was experiencing some really hard times with my health (suffering Ulcerative Colitis flare), and I had been bed struck for about two months. Like most long-term patients I ultimately got extremely bored, and started reading (and re-reading) just about all things philatelic I could get my hands on. And during those weeks I ultimately realized how much *crap* (pardon the pun) various stamp related magazines and websites contain. I was able to go through a hundred-page magazine without finding a single story that would spark my interest; or I could browse through dozens of stamp blogs without finding anything that would truly add to my knowledge. So one of those days when I was feeling a bit better, I took my laptop, ordered the space for this website, and started writing my thoughts about stamps, philately and collecting in hope of improving the situation. Quality over quantity has been the bottom line of SCB since those early days. Over the years SCB has moved beyond the concept of personal blog, into online stamp club where stamp collectors around the world gather sharing experience, knowledge and stamps. A major cornerstone with this was February 20th 2016 when SCB became a ‘walled garden’ where only digital subscribers may enter in full. At the same process full ownership of Stamp Collecting Blog was transferred to business I maintain (to ease handling of subscriptions, payments, taxes, accounting etc.).Commerical
Details AlbumEasyAlbumEasy - Free software for creating custom stamp album pages. AlbumEasy came about because I was looking for an easy to USE [stampsma_ss]age layout program for creating custom stamp albums. Although many collectors make do with general purpose desktop publishing or CAD programs, I found that laying out album pages by drawing and positioning boxes with a moUSE [stampsma_ss]o be too time consuming. So, while looking for an alternative, I came up with the idea for AlbumEasy, a dedicated program for creating stamp album pages.AlbumPages
Details American Air Mail SocietyDedicated to the documentation, preservation, advancement and promotion of aerophilately worldwide through education, study, research and services.Organization
Details American Air Mail SocietyDownload and print your own U.S. Air Mail Stamp Album. There’s a space for every air mail stamp issued in the U.S. from 1918 until 2014.It’s twenty-three pages, with a blank page at the end. AlbumPages
Details American First Day Cover SocietyWelcome to the website of the American First Day Cover Society, a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement and collecting of first day covers. Organization
Details American Philatelic CongressAward winning Congress Books have been published annually since the founding of the American Philatelic Congress in 1935. A complete set of these books contains hundreds of scholarly articles pertaining to various aspects of philately. Among the many articles are subjects such as specific stamp issues, postal markings, and postal history. These books provide the philatelic researcher the opportunity to present written, original research papers for the philatelist. Articles are contributed without financial reward; many of these writers are first time authors. A copy of the annual Congress Book is sent to each member. Society news is conveyed to the membership in periodic Congress Comments newsletters. The American Philatelic Congress does not compete with any other societies as it is a unique organization dealing only in philatelic research and publication. A yearly convention is held in conjunction with the American Philatelic Society StampShow stamp exhibition. For the convenience of members, the site is selected geographically so that various areas of the country are considered as convention sites. As part of the agenda of each convention various authors present their articles from the current Congress Book. Collectors are invited to contribute articles of lasting philatelic interest for the annual book. The American Philatelic Congress is an affiliate of the American Philatelic Society. Organization
Details American Philatelic SocietyWith nearly 34,000 members in more than 110 countries, the APS is the largest, non-profit organization for stamp collectors in the world. Founded in 1886, the APS serves collectors, educators, postal historians, and the general public by providing a wide variety of programs and services. Our Mission: •to promote stamp collecting for people of all ages •to offer services to its membership and to philately in general, including knowledge and education, which enhance the pleasure and friendliness of stamp collecting •to initiate and coordinate new programs for the benefit of stamp collecting and of all collectors •to represent the United States of America in the world body of philately •to assist its members in acquiring and disposing of philatelic materialsOrganization
Details American Philatelic Society Mini AlbumsThe American Philatelic Society is proud to offer downloadable mini albums that you may print for personal use or distribute free of charge. The albums range from as few as four to more than 30 pages and include background information on the illustrated stamps. Albums are not necessarily comprehensive. They focus on face different stamps that the average collector has a reasonable chance to acquire often excluding expensive items and varieties.AlbumPages
Details American Plate Number Single SocietyWelcome to the official web site of the American Plate Number Single Society. APNSS is a volunteer-run association of stamp collectors organized to promote interest in plate number singles and other marginal markings. Organization
Details American Society for Philatelic Pages and PanelsThis is the home page of the ASPPP, the only society dedicated to the study of American Commemorative Cancellation Pages, Souvenir Pages, Commemorative Panels, Stamp Posters, stamp announcements and all other types of philatelic pages and panels. We have a number of free spreadsheets that you can download to your pc!Organization