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Details Details No Cover Image Available 9NONEReview Of Reviews, Spencer Trask & Co.There was some 1909 usage by Review Of Review on this pattern. Most likely a deomonstration machine. Eventually sold to Spencer Trask & Co., an investment banking company. Best known for financing Edison's electric light bulb.
Details Details No Cover Image Available 91UnknownThis very rare pattern has been associated with Spencer Trask. I'm not sure why ? . They continued to show usage of Des 90-1 after the Des 90-2 reported date of 7/1/1910. Must have been reported on cover at one time. Possible blind perf ?? I'd like to see one.
Details Details No Cover Image Available 93Smith Gray & Co., National Fire Insurance Co.Smith Gray & Co. was a NY clothing retailer. Very scarce on cover. Also known on a National Fire Insurance Company cover ??
Details Details No Cover Image Available 94UnknownVery rare, user unknown. Sold in Perfins Club auction 11/1977.
Details Details No Cover Image Available 95Hill Publishing Co.This is a scarce pattern. Though it's linked to Hill Publishing, because covers are known. I suspect it was actually a demonstration machine that Schermack used to market their product. Hill Publishing bought a Schermack Mailing Machine with pattern 6-8-9 on or about 1/8/1910 and continued using it into 1911.
Details Details No Cover Image Available 97Brunswick-Balke-Collender, John Wanamaker Co.Manufacturer of recreational equipment. Billiards tables, record players, bars and back bars. With the threat of prohibition they expanded their operation to bowling lanes and equipment. Very rare on cover. This pattern is also known on three John Wanamaker covers, April 1910, prior to a known Brunswick cover. Wanamaker had already purchased control pattern 5689, but reported covers show a time gap in this period that may indicate mechanical problem. Perhaps this control pattern was owned by a mailing service and neither Brunswick or Wanamaker actually owned the Schermack Mailing Machine with this control pattern.