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11974994/2/20091USA18475cRed brownUngradedUsedit is a genuine usage of a horizontal pair on cover to Allegheny City, Pa. barely tied by two strikes of a blue grid cancel, with a matching blue Philada, Pa. Apr 2, 10 c.d.s. marking - the enclosed letter dated Apr 2, 1850 and the cover slightly reduced at the right, with wrinkling and small tears at the left and with blackflap creases and tears. Details
12000384/28/20091USA18475cRed brownUngradedMint NGit is genuine unused, no gum, with a small corner crease ending in a 0.4 mm tear at the bottom left and rather heavily faded color. Details
12013395/18/20091USA18475cRed brownPO 5Usedit is genuine used, with a heavy pen cancel and a 2 1/2mm internal tear at the center. Details
12017605/26/20091USA18475cBrownUngradedUsedit is genuine used, with a blue circular grid cancel, a 0.4mm tear at the upper left, a 1 mm tear at the upper right and a small filled thin at the right center. Details
12039216/26/20091USA18475cBrownUngradedUsedit is genuine used, with a red circular grid cancel and a 0.6mm horizontal internal tear above the CE of CENTS. Details
120941610/13/20091USA18475cRed brownUngradedMint RGit is genuine unused, REGUMMED over a small corner crease at the bottom left and a major repair of a vertical crease and tear at the left. Details
121060910/28/20091USA18475cRed brownUngradedUsedit is genuine used, with a red St. Louis, Mo. c.d.s. cancel and a vertical 3 mm internal tear below the P of POST. Details
121340011/25/20091USA18475cRed brownG 30Usedit is genuine used, with blue circular grid cancels and a corner crease at the bottom right that ends in two tiny tears below the E of CENTS. Details
12184113/10/20101USA18475cRed brownUngradedMint OGphit is genuine used, with a removed pen cancel and rebacked to close a large tear. Details
12200664/19/20101USA18475cRed brownFR 10Usedsmall tear, small thin Details