2023Vol.54 - No.3

7‘Portland Day’ at the 1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition:The Postal Impact of a HolidayCharles A. Neyhart Jr.
16Ephemera Corner: “Blood Poured Down the Stock of My Rifle and Onto My Hand”—A Small World War One Archive from an American Doughboy in FranceKurt A. Sanftleben
21FDC Spotlight: A Carol Gordon Cachet for the 1992 ALCAN Highway StampPeter Martin
22Cancellations on Domestic Uses From New York City, 1862-1869, Part IIJames W. Milgram, M.D.
33Small Bites of Great American Postal History: Two-Cent Columbians with Alaska ConnectionsDavid W. Mayo
36A Rare 1878 Typed Letter from the New York Associated PressPeter Martin
39156 Fifth Avenue: The Presbyterian Building in its Second CenturyJesse I. Spector, M.D.
45How the Post Office Saved the Capitol in 1814Stephen A. Kochersperger
48Territory of Hawaii Military Area Censorship in World War II: What a Difference an ‘A’ MakesLawrence Sherman
54An Unassuming Postcard with Historical SignificanceBob Toal
55The Complete Story of the Infamous Movie Prop StampThomas Richards
62U.S. Post Offices: Delaware Post OfficesSteven J. Bahnsen
66American Postal History in Other PublicationsEverett Parker