2021Vol.52 - No.1

6Romeo and Juliet Valentines of the Civil WarJames W. Milgram M.D.
26The Amateur Radio and Postal History ConnectionJoseph Williams Cagnina
28The Odd Lot: A Rare Rate Cover to Brazil 
29Confederate Postal History: Smuggled Southern Mail to California, Murder, and ScandalPatricia A. Kaufmann
34Small Bites of Great American Postal History: Substitute Soldiers in the American Civil WarDaniel M. Knowles, M.D.
36A Postal History of HootervilleSteve Kochersperger
41Untruth in Advertising: 19th Century Medical CharlatansJesse I. Spector, M.D. and Donald Tocher
46U.S. Auxiliary Markings: Readers Answer Question from Last Column; Albert Goldman Labels on International MailJohn M. Hotchner
53Postal Forms: 1953 Postage Due FormsPeter Martin
542020 Top Postal History Auction Catalogs 
56At the APRL: Postal History in a Virtual WorldScott D. Tiffney
58U.S. Post Offices: Nevada Post OfficesSteven J. Bahnsen
60FDC Spotlight: Eddie Atkinson: Artist, Cachetmaker, and PastorDavid S. Zubatsky