2020Vol.51 - No.1

7Comic Valentines Depicting Civil War SubjectsJames W. Milgram, M.D.
19Spreadsheet Faults Can Affect Any Work, Not Just 1960s U.S. Parcel Post RatesRonald Blanks
22The Outdoor Cleanliness Association of the City of New YorkJesse I. Spector, M.D.
24Snapshots: Neither Snow, Nor Rain... 
25The Postal History of Warsaw, North CarolinaTony L. Crumbley
29FDC Spotlight: A First Cachet for the 1944 Motion Pictures StampPeter Martin
30Two New Post Offices That Opened in 2019Steven Bahnsen
32Ephemera Corner: A Remarkable 1869 Receipt from Washington, D.C.’s Seaton HousePeter Martin
36Directory Assistance in Readdressing Misdirected ItemsAnthony Wawrukiewicz, Thomas C. Breske, and Scott Steward
452019 Top Postal History Auction Catalogs 
46Postcard Pursuit: A World War II Postcard from the Station Hospital at Fort Belvoir, VirginiaPeter Martin
48Slavery in the New World; An Addendum to InhumanityJesse I. Spector, M.D.
50Postal History at the APRL: Donating and Giving BackScott D. Tiffney
52U.S. Post Offices: Wisconsin Post OfficesSteven Bahnsen
54Small Bites of Great American Postal History: The USPOD’s Address Correction ServiceRichard Martorelli