2019Vol.50 - No.4

6Kickapoo Joy Juice and Stanley’s Snake Oil—A Pandora’s Box from the Back-of-the-BookJesse I. Spector, M.D. and Donald Tocher
20Alaska’s Gold Rush Forts: The U.S. Army Forts and Camps 1897–1925Eric Knapp
25The Origins of Rural Free Delivery: An Emancipated Slave and a Georgia PoliticianMichael Wing
31Snapshots: The Chicago Post Office’s Revolutionary 1949 Letter Sorting Machines 
32Small Bites of Great American Postal History: M-Bag MailPeter Martin
34U.S. Auxiliary Markings: Postage Due on Outgoing International Covers—Part OneJohn M. Hotchner
37A Lunar Post Office First Day Cover 
38$5 Postage Due Postal HistoryPeter Martin
40The Odd Lot: A Cover FantasyJoe H. Crosby
41Confederate Postal History: Capt. Sally Tompkins: Confederate Cavalry Officer, UnassignedPatricia A. Kaufmann
47Research Projects: Mailomat FDC Slogan Update 
48The Magic of CachetmakingTom Peluso
50Postal History at the APRL: Searching the APRL Online CatalogScott D. Tiffney
52U.S. Post Offices: Louisiana Post OfficesSteven Bahnsen
56Auction Highlights 
57A Vintage Illinois Post OfficeSteven Bahnsen