2018Vol.49 - No.3

6Portfolio and Package Envelopes of the American Civil WarJames W. Milgram, M.D.
22Small Bites of Great American Postal History: A Fraudulent Cancellation from the Alaska Yukon Pacific ExpositionKirk Andrews
24U.S. Auxiliary Markings: Customs Duty Markings on Incoming Covers Part Four: A 1950s Correction; The 1960s and BeyondJohn M. Hotchner
301940 Alaska Postal Card Has Tie to MentalphysicsDon Glickstein
32Earle Eckel and His 1938 National Air Mail Week Autogiro Mail FlightPeter Martin
34Lyman Hotchkiss BaggThe Man and the CoverJesse I. Spector, Robert L. Markovits, and John Donnes
36Newspapers and the Mail in Missouri 1832 to 1855Diane DeBlois and Robert Dalton Harris
42Confederate Postal History: Stephen Alpheastus Corker: Politics Runs in the FamilyPatricia A. Kaufmann
46Advertising Postal History: Denvers Festival of Mountain and PlainDean W. Mario
47Americas Last Political Postmaster RetiresSteven J. Bahnsen
48A Television Version of the Five-Cent Lincoln on a 1907 CoverWilliam Schultz
49Snapshots: The Growth of Airmail in Canada 
50Postal History at the American Philatelic Research Library: The Daniel Hines Air Mail ArchiveScott D. Tiffney
52U.S. Post Offices: Utah Post OfficesSteven J. Bahnsen
57Tidbits: Finding Ruby Valley, NevadaJohn Gallagher