2018Vol.49 - No.2

6Japanese Americans in World War II February 19, 1942: A Day That Should Live in InfamyJesse I. Spector and William Kaczynski
20Small Bites of Great American Postal History: The Oldest Operating United States Post OfficeKelvin Kindahl
22A 1902 New York Paquebot Marking on a Hamburg-American Line Cover from ColumbiaJeff Lough
25Snapshots: Moving the Mail Under Postmaster General J. Edward Day 
26U.S. Auxiliary Markings: Customs Duty Markings on Incoming Covers Part Five: The Green Tape MarkingsJohn M. Hotchner
30U.S. Navy Ships at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific ExpositionBill Nix
34Dealer Mail Helped Supply Scarce 1975 Degressive Rate CoversRonald Blanks
40Research Projects: Mailomat FDC Slogan Update 
41Parallels Between 1975 and 2016 Degressive RatesRonald Blanks
41Tidbits: Eagle Liquer DistilleriesDean W. Mario
42Advertising Postal History: The Talking Machine Co. 
42Event Covers: A Cacheted Slogan First Day of Use 
44Post Offices in the NewsSteve Bahnsen
46When Did Free Postage End for Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in World War II?Tony Wawrukiewicz
47Ephemera Corner: A Rare 1879 Virginia Post Office Collection OrderPeter Martin
48Postcard Pursuit: Florida Advertising Postcard Touts U.S. 27 
50Postal History at the American Philatelic Research Library: Auction Name SalesA Hidden Gem for Your Postal History ResearchScott D. Tiffney
52U.S. Post Offices: New Hampshire Post OfficesSteve Bahnsen
54Richard Hemmings Wins 2018 Helbock Prize 
55Doolin Wins 2018 Charles Fricke Small Bites Award