2017Vol.48 - No.3

6Enigma from the Stamp Yault: Stanley Gibbons, New York and Their Educator Packets-Part One: ExpatriatesRichard S. Hemmings
26Confederate Postal History: A 'Wanna-Be'Confederate Cover to Postmaster John GlymphPatricia A. Kaufmann
30Small Bites of Great American Postal History: The Story Behind T$o Union CoversWayne Anmuth
31Snapshots: Two Snowy Mail Deliveries 
32National Park Postal History: A Rare Yellowstone Park Hotel ForwardingPeter Martin
34The Sydney Ducks and Vigilante JusticeJesse I. Spector
44U.S. Auxiliary Markings: Customs Duty Markings on Incoming Covers-Part Two: The 1940sJohn M. Hotchner
50Auction Highlights: Rumsey Auction had Alaska Related Ship RPOs 
53The American Philatelic Research Library: New Postal History Resources at the APRLTara E. Murray
56U.S. Post Offices: Texas Post OfficesSteve Bahnsen
58The Odd Lot: A Sad Tale-But TruePeter Martin