2017Vol.48 - No.1

6'Fake Town' Spanish-American War Postal HistorySteve Swain
12Indian Territorial Postal Usages in the ConfederacyJames W. Milgram, M.D.
22Tidbits: 'Don't use cancelling machine'Peter Martin
23New Book: Aspects of American Postal History 
24Small Bites of Great American Postal History: A Rare Cover Related to Pancho Villa, Columbus, N.M., and the Pershing ExpeditionJim Doolin
26Confederate Postal History: 'It has to be true. I saw it on the Internet.' The Warwick & Barksdale Mill 'Confederate Prison'Patricia A. Kaufmann
31Snapshots: Portland's 1953 Air Parcel Post Service 
32Advertising Postal History: The Virginia PhilatelistPeter Martin
37Reverend Professor Carl Friedrich Graebner: A Missouri Minister Down UnderJesse L Spector and Robert L. Markovits
44U.S. Auxiliary Markings: Unusual Markings on, and Odd Handling of, Incoming Covers from AbroadJohn M. Hotchner
49Patricia Kaufmann Wins 2017 Helbock Prize 
52Top 2016 U.S, Postal History Auction Catalogs 
53Austin Receives First La Posta Charles A. Fricke Small Bites Award 
54The American Philatelic Research Library: Blount Postal History Symposium to Focus on World War ITara E. Murray
56US. Post Offices: Hawaii Post OfficesSteven J. Bahnsen