2016Vol.47 - No.4

6East Portland, Oregon: A Postal Heart Still BeatsCharles A. Neyhart Jr.
24A Jacksonville Ship 2 MarkingDeane R. Briggs
25Ben Franklin as a PrinterPeter Martin
26Confederate Postal History: A Confederate Cover From Columbia (Gold) Mine, GeorgiaPatricia A. Kaufmann
29Additional D.C. Station Special Delivery Markings ReportedDennis Pack
31New Book: Aspects of American Postal History 
32Espionage and Sedition in America in the First World WarJesse I. Spector and Robert L. Markovits
39Snapshots: A Marine Post Office on Saipan 
40U.S. Auxiliary Markings: Address Problems with Incoming Covers from AbroadJohn M. Hotchner
46Postcard Pursuit: The Vintage Seed Packets Forever Stamps and a 1919 Postcard CounterpartCharles A. Fricke
48New Philatelic Books for the Holidays 
52U.S. Post Offices: Alaska Post OfficesSteve Bahnsen
54The American Philatelic Research Library Celebrates its Grand OpeningTara E. Murray
56Small Bites: Smoking Gun Found for 1905 Portland Lewis and Clark Exposition Cancel Usage