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One of the most important changes in our hobby is how we go about buying stamps and covers. The traditional approach of building a relationship with a local brick and mortar stamp dealers has been replaced with online buying. eBay spends millions of dollars trying to convince us that buying items ‘sight unseen’, from unknown sellers located on the other side of the planet is without risk. eBay would like us to blindly utilize their badly flawed rating system. But it is far too easy their rating system to be misleading (at best) and just plain wrong (at worst). So the question becomes, how do you evaluate an online seller?

The Stamp Smarter Listing Review Project allows members to enter reviews of online listings. The Reviews are then compiled and the results are made available to all users. Since the Reviews contain images and full information regarding faults, flaws, and incorrectly described stamps, they serve as a fantastic tool for helping buyers learning what to look for when making online purchases. The thousands of Reviews allow buyers to make more informed purchasing decisions.