3¢ Washington Head
Flat Plate
Perf 10

Watermark CheckYou will need to check the watermark on this stamp. All of the 3¢ perf 10 stamps were printed by the flat plate method and are Type I.

Watermark Number
single-line 426
none 464

The 3¢ perf 10 unwatermarked stamp, Number 464, in nicely centered unused condition should be examined carefully, since it is sometimes faked by adding perforations to the imperforate Number 483. Although the stamps are, on the surface, nearly equal in value, a well-centered 464 often brings a substantial premium. The 483, being an imperforate stamp, can have as large of margins as desired. We would advise the buyer to be particularly wary of superb jumbo copies of Number 464. The 426 has no imperforate equivalent but jumbo copies should have the perfs examined closely for reperforated straight-edges.

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