Postage Stamps of the United States - 1942


Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Postmaster General
Frank C. Walker


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Postage Rates

Domestic Letter Rate: 3¢ per oz.

Postcard Rate: 1¢

Air Mail Rate: 6¢ per oz. .


Commemorative Postage Stamps of 1942
Rotary Press - Perf 11 x 10½ - 200 Subject Electric Eye Plates

150th Anniversary of Kentucky Statehood
Frankfort, Kentucky - June 1, 1942
63,558,400 issued

Win the War Issue
Washington, D.C. - July 4, 1942
400 Subject Plates - 20,642,793,310 issued

Free China Issue
Denver, Colorado - July 7, 1942
21,272,800 issued

Ordinary issue
There were no new Regular Issue stamps issued in 1942.

Number 904 - The 3¢ 150th Anniversary of Kentucky's Statehood Designer: William Roach - Engravers: C. A. Brooks (vignette) · A. W. Christensen (lettering)
Number 905 - The 3¢ Win the War Issue Designer: Mark O'Dea and Wm. Roach - Engraver: J. S. Edmondson (vignette and lettering)
Number 906 - The 5¢ Free China Issue with portraits of Sun Yat-sen and Abraham Lincoln Designer: Wm. Roach - Engravers: L. C. Kaufmann, C. T. Arlt & R. K. Barrick (vignette) · A. W. Christensen (lettering)

Air Mail
There were no new Air Mail stamps issued in 1942.

Special Delivery
There were no new Special Delivery stamps issued in 1942.

Suggested reading: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Stamps of the United States 1933-1945, by Brian C. Baur (Linn's 1993)