Postage Stamps of the United States - 1924


Calvin Coolidge

Postmaster General
Harry S. New


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Postage Rates

Domestic Letter Rate: 2¢ per oz.
Postcard Rate: 1¢
Special Delivery - Registry Fee: 10¢
Foreign Rate: 5¢

Air Mail Rates: Jan. 1 - June 30: 6¢ per oz.
Jul. 1 - Dec. 31: 8¢ per oz. per zone.

There were 3 zones, an Eastern Zone, a Midwest Zone and a West Coast Zone. The fee was 8¢ per oz. if the letter stayed in its zone, 16¢ per oz. if it crossed one zone, and 24¢ per oz. if it went from East (Coast) to West (Coast) crossing two zones.


The Huguenot-Walloon Tercentenary
Flat Plate - Perforated 11 - 200 Subject Plates

1¢ "Nieu Nederland"
51,378,023 issued
First Day: May 1, 1924
2¢ Landing at Fort Orange
77,753,423 issued
First Day: May 1, 1924
5¢ Ribault Monument
5,659,023 issued
First Day: May 1, 1924

The Huguenots and the Walloons were early French and Flemish settlers of America, sharing a bond of protestant heritage, both adhering to the strict Calvinist philosophy. These stamps, designed by Claire Aubrey Huston, commemorated the 300th anniversary of their settlement in America. The 1¢ stamp depicts the artist's image of what the colonists ship, the "Nieu Nederland", may have looked like. The 2¢ stamp, from a painting by Martha Lamb, illustrates the landing of the Walloons on the banks of the Hudson River at Fort Orange, later to become Albany, New York. The 5¢ stamp is an artistic version of the Ribault Monument in Mayport, Florida commemorating the landing of the Huguenots on May 1, 1562.

The 1¢ and 2¢ stamps have double-transfer varieties. The 5¢ stamp has a "broken circle" variety characterized by breaks in the bottom of the inner circle surrounding the right numeral "5", with the most dramatic example being an "unhinging" of the inner line of the circle in such a way as to touch the outer line of the circle. All three varieties bring a premium over the normal stamp.

The following postage stamp varieties were first issued by the U.S. in 1924
No new varieties of U.S. Air Mail stamps were issued in 1924
No new varieties of U.S. Special Delivery stamps were issued in 1924
No new varieties of U.S. Postage Due stamps were issued in 1924

Ordinary issue
Number 583 - 2¢ Washington rotary perf 10 - EKU: 5/15/24
Number 600 - 3¢ Lincoln rotary coil perf 10 vertically - First Day: 5/10/24
Number 602 - 5¢ Roosevelt rotary coil perf 10 vertically - First Day: 3/5/24
Number 603 - 10¢ Monroe rotary coil perf 10 vertically - First Day: 12/1/24
Number 604 - 1¢ Franklin rotary coil perf 10 horizontally - First Day: 7/19/24

Commemoratives: - Designer: C. A. Huston
Number 614 - 1¢ Huguenot Walloon - Engravers: L. S. Schofield, E. M. Hall and H. P. Dawson
Number 615 - 2¢ Huguenot Walloon - Engravers: H. P. Dawson & J. Eissler (vignette) - E. .M. Hall (frame, lettering)
Number 616 - 5¢ Huguenot Walloon - Engravers: Frank Pauling and Edward M. Hall